Embracing Change

Things are always changing, but lately it seems like things have been changing more than usual.
I was talking to my sister Sarah on the phone yesterday about our Thanksgiving plans and we discussed just how much everything has changed. Sarah is pregnant with a little girl (!!!), our father has a new job, our mother is in a new relationship, and this year Mark and I are invited to Thanksgivings at our sibling’s homes – instead of our parent’s homes. I try to embrace change, but some change is easier than others. We’re also looking into moving into our first place, which would bring the most change of all. I feel like I’m ready for anything, whether it’s with our families or with our work. My little blog here needs a change too (why not?, bring it on). My focus here has been on veganism. I love cooking new recipes (Mark is wonderful in the kitchen), visiting vegan-friendly restaurants, and sharing delicious desserts (everyone at my Dentist’s office loved my banana bread), but I also love lots of other things. I love blogs about art, fashion, and interior design. I hope to bring a little more of what I love to this blog. Don’t expect too much too soon, this change  will take time. Let’s start slow – here is some inspiration I’ve collected.

Portraits by The Selby
Beautiful portraits by The Selby

Artists Jeanne-Claude and Christo
Artists Jeanne-Claude and Christo being amazing in the 1970s.

Film Director Mike Mills
Film Director Mike Mills, hard at work.

xo angie

p.s. Is it silly that I feel like a kid on Christmas? Except it’s Thanksgiving morning and instead of presents, I have a Gardein holiday roast, roasted vegetables, and a pumpkin coconut cream oreo pie waiting for us in the fridge. I just can’t wait!

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