My Sister’s Birthday Dinner

Nadia and Dylan
Nadia on her birthday with her son Dylan

My older sister Nadia celebrated her birthday this week and she decided to do something a little different: she held a competition for the best vegan recipe. We were all asked to make a vegan course of our choosing and her favorite one would receive a prize. Mark and I got excited about it and decided to create her two favorite things: cookies and pizza. Now, I love cookies and pizza, so I didn’t care if we won or not, I was still going to be happy.

Potato Pizza
The hubby’s amazing Vegan Potato & Pistacio Pizza

Mark watched the Food Network show The Best Thing I Ever Ate Pizza edition to get inspired. He combined two different pizzas he saw and made it vegan. His created a Whole Wheat Potato Pistacio Pizza with fresh basil and italian parsley. It was so delicious! I was certain he was going to win, but my sister declared my Peanut Butter Sweet Potato Walnut Chocolate Chip Cookies the winner (Get the recipe here). Mark won a runner up and my sister Sarah won 3rd place with her savory Curry Soup.

Curry Soup
Chef Sarah’s Savory Curry Soup

Nadia’s husband Eugene ordered her chocolate birthday cake from Mr. Natural in Austin. It had the most delicious icing I’ve ever had on a vegan cake. I really recommend Mr. Natural’s baked goods.

Birthday Cake
Vegan Birthday Cake from Austin’s Mr. Natural

It was a wonderful idea for a birthday dinner. We got share recipes and try new ones out. Mark and I will be making his Potato Pistacio again soon and I’ll be sure to share the recipe with you!

xo angie

Update: Check out a new version of my Vegan Potato Pizza Recipe! It only took me three years to post it ;)

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