Babysitting Dylan

My sister and her husband are in Hawaii for her birthday, so Mark and I had a turn in taking care of their son Dylan all day Monday and Tuesday. He was so well-behaved and adorable.

Dylan love fruit
Meet my nephew Dylan, a two-year old vegan who loves fruit!

Dylan is great to have around because he makes sure we snack on lots of fruit and make vegetable-rich dinners. Since his mother is raising him on a whole foods plant-based diet, I always try to make sure he eats well when we take care of him. For lunch I made simple veggie tacos.

Lunch Tacos
Easy vegan tacos!

100% whole wheat tortillas, fresh pinto beans, tomatoes, red pepper, avocado, parsley and sea salt. The tacos are shown here with a fresh salsa. The preparation is really simple, just heat the beans and tortillas and fill the tacos with all your favorite fresh vegetables.

xo angie

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