Chickpea Sunday

The weather in San Antonio has been absolutely beautiful! It just puts me in a good mood and keeps us motivated to work on film projects. I’m making excuses for not posting since last Sunday, but when the weather is this great I can’t seem to get myself to spend any more time on the computer than I already have to. So, yesterday I received a new issue of Readymade which contained a great vegan recipe: Chickpea and Fresh Spinach Curry. They recommend Patak’s Curry Paste, here’s a helpful list of Vegan Patak items.

Chickpea Sunday
Chickpea and Fresh Spinach Curry Sunday Lunch

I didn’t have any curry paste, so I added curry powder. I also added brown rice and served the dish with whole wheat pita bread. It was a great way to start my Sunday afternoon. Now I’m off to continue editing with the hubby!

xo angie

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