Houston Review: Field of Greens

The hubby and I traveled to Houston last week for the Cinema Arts Festival Houston. Read more about our film adventures on our blog over here. I would like to say that I traveled well-informed and made lots of vegan meal plans, but I didn’t. We’d been so busy working on film projects and getting ready for the trip that I’m lucky I remembered to bring my laptop, thank goodness for Wifi.

Whole Foods Houston
Vegan salvation, yes that’s a crack in my windshield.

For our first night in Houston we stayed at a hotel near a Whole Foods Market. They have lots of delicious, healthy options for vegans and a really good chocolate cake (which I helped myself to on two separate occasions). I suspected Whole Foods would be my only vegan sanctuary, but I was wrong! There are lots of great veggie options in Houston. On our second day we visited Field of Greens for lunch.

Tofu Quiche Salad
Field of Greens’ Tofu Quiche Salad

Tofu Quiche Salad
Me, enjoying my Tofu Quiche Salad

Mark was so nice to share his Soup and Sandwich with me. It was all very good, but I loved his “Chicken” Noodle Soup the best. Field of Greens was a bright and pleasant restaurant to have lunch at on a very rainy day. Check out their Menu, even if you don’t live in Houston it’s a great resource for simple, healthy meal ideas.

Vegan Soup
Field of Greens’ “Chicken” Noodle Soup

Tofu Sandwich
Field of Greens’ Tofu Sandwich

Field of Greens
2320 W.Alabama, Houston, TX

We had dinner at Whole Foods a couple of times during our trip and shopped for groceries at a nearby Randalls. We were lucky to stay at a friend’s guest apartment with a kitchen for the second half of the trip. Eating out everyday can be very expensive and time-consuming. I always enjoy trying new veggie friendly places when we travel, but between all the screenings and events it was nice to just get back home and rest. As always VegGuide.org was an invaluable resource during my trip.

Don't Have A Cow, Man
Apu says “Don’t Have A Cow, Man!”

Thanks for reading, as you can tell I’m a very busy lady lately, but I’ll always come back and share when I have the chance!

xo angie

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4 Responses to Houston Review: Field of Greens

  1. Joel Luks says:

    Field of Greens is a great place! I am there often. Yes, there are lots of great veggie/vegan places in Houston. Did you try Ruggle’s Green across the street from Field of Greens, yumm too :)


    • Hi Joel,
      Thanks for the comment! I didn’t get a chance to visit Ruggle’s Green, but I will definitely try it next time we’re in town. Thanks for the recommendation. Your Vegan Good Eats blog is amazing, I’ll be sure to visit it often.


  2. Cyndi Rook says:

    My husband and I spent this past weekend in Houston. We did enjoy Field of Greens, but were delighted by The Pepper Tree on Richmond. It’s all vegan mixed Asian cuisine, and on the weekends, they have a very nice buffet for about $10 per person. Great mix on buffet and complete with desserts–Japanese sweets, kanten cubes and coconut cake. It’s a very nice, simple place with very friendly staff.


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