The Hubby’s 25th Birthday!

Dear Vegan Blog Readers,
It’s been a while. I know. Things have been amazing, crazy, fun and wonderful. My little hubby turned 25 years old this week and we have been getting excited about our 1 year Wedding Anniversary on Valentines Day. When he woke up to find himself a quarter of a century old, I had pancakes waiting.

Vegan Birthday Pancakes
The hubby’s Vegan Birthday Pancakes

Find the recipe for these delicious Walnut Pancakes here. I modified my original recipe by cutting all the ingredients except sugar in half. I couldn’t believe how good they came out. I added hand-cut heart shaped bananas, agave, and cinnamon sugar on top. The perfect Birthday breakfast!

Vegan Birthday Cake
The hubby’s Vegan Birthday Cake

We celebrated the following evening with a few close friends. I baked a Banana Bread cake in two heart shaped pans I found at my local grocery store. Get the recipe here. As good as it was, I wouldn’t recommend this recipe as a cake since the middle was a little gooey while the edges were perfect. As you can see the center wasn’t strong enough to support the two layers and the cake slowly caved in throughout the night. Perhaps I should have done 25 Birthday Muffins instead? Either way, it was way better than any store bought cake you can find! Happy Birthday to my love, I hope your day was wonderful!

xo angie

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1 Response to The Hubby’s 25th Birthday!

  1. Olivia says:

    Those little banana hearts are so cute! I want to do that with everything now. Valentine’s Day pisses so many people off and I don’t know why. You can cut everything into hearts and no one even asks you questions.


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