Favorite Things: Valentine’s Edition

Valentine’s Day is by far my favorite holiday. When I was sixteen the most amazing boy gave me my first kiss and asked me to be his girlfriend. Now, eight years later we are celebrating our first year as husband and wife. I hope you enjoy all my favorite lovey-dovey things:

Mark and Angela Walley
1. Sharing my vegan lifestyle with my loving, supportive, newly-veggie hubby!

Walley Anniversary Ring
2. Tiny Hearts Band, an anniversary gift from the hubby

3. Urban Decay, Lip Junkie Lip Gloss. Perfect for kissable vegan lips!

LUSH Sex Bomb
4. LUSH Sex Bomb, need I say more?

Healthy Happy Life
5. Chocolate Cover Strawberries, photo from Healthy Happy Life.

Just for fun, here is our Valentine’s Wedding video.

xoxoxoxoxo veggie angie

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