Local Review: Delicious Tamales

When I became vegan I never thought I’d be able to find tortillas or tamales as good as the ones my mother made. She of course used manteca in her recipes, which almost all restaurants and bakeries do. Delicious Tamales is one locally owned exception we’ve found.

Veggie Delicious Tamales
Southwest Vegetarian Delicious Tamales

Although the majority of their tamales use lard, their Southwest Vegetarian Tamales are made with canola oil. The only other tamales we’ve found to be as delicious are at Mr. Natural in Austin. (Read more here.) They are moist and flavorful and you really don’t miss the lard. It makes me wonder why they don’t use canola oil in all their recipes. (Especially their Bean and Jalapeno variety!)

Delicious Tamales

The Southwest Vegetarian tamales are only available on the weekends and you have to order them a day in advance. There are several San Antonio locations and they ship nationwide. Mark and I plan to make veggie tamales a weekend tradition!

Delicious Tamales
Various San Antonio Locations

xo angie

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