Austin Review: The Gathering of the Tribes

The hubby and I had an amazing weekend in Austin. It was such a good idea to take a little vacation to celebrate my birthday and have some time to relax together. We arrived in Austin in the late afternoon on Saturday. We had skipped lunch because I had planned for us to attend The Gathering of the Tribes, a vegan potluck at Pease Park. I had seen the event posted on Vegans Rock Austin. I thought it would be a great way to get a sense of the vegan community in Austin and enjoy the beautiful weather.

Gathering of the Tribes
The Gathering of the Tribes

I was right on both counts. There was a great turnout of a really diverse group of people and it was the perfect weather for a potluck picnic of sorts. We sat ourselves down at the end of a long table of unfamiliar faces, but by the end of the meal we had made new friends. We meet Daniela Nunez, the Volunteer Coordinator for, the vegetarian and vegan guide to Austin. She just so happens to be in The Veg Edge video I posted on Friday. Small vegan world. We all chatted about the VegNews controversy (read more via Your Daily Vegan) and our experiences and thoughts on being vegan.

Gathering of the Tribes Potluck Plate
Gathering of the Tribes Potluck Plate

After the meal, representatives from aforementioned Vegans Rock Austin and spoke about their organizations along with folk from The Vegetarian Network of AustinAustin Progressive Vegetarians and Sunny Day Farms. It was nice to hear directly from people involved in these awesome organizations. The event was the perfect way to start the weekend. I have lots more to share coming soon!

xo angie

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