Favorite Things: April

This month is my birthday month and I’ve been thinking about (and purchasing!) all the wonderful little things I’d love to have. I’m a very practical kind of girl, so these are things that are very useful and of course vegan.

Shikai Shower Gels

Shikai Shower Gels

1. Shikai Moisturizing Shower Gels

The Pomegranate shower gel smells so good! According to their website: ShiKai has more than 50 products which are made, start to finish, at the ShiKai facilities in Santa Rosa. Dr. Sepp continues to oversee the formulation and manufacture of all items.

I care about all of our products and how they are made. This concern over quality reflects my personal philosophy and influences everything that my company does. I take pride in what I do and how I do it.   – Dr. Dennis Sepp

EcoTools Brush Set

EcoTools Brush Set

2. EcoTools

The brushes are so soft and I love the wrap case it comes with. EcoTools has also worked with actress Alicia Silverstone (The Kind Life) on a new line of products. According to the company there are no animal products whatsoever used to make EcoTools Bath & Body.

Gabriel Color Mascara

Gabriel Color Mascara

3. Gabriel Cosmetics

Gabriel products are made from 100% natural ingredients. No synthetic chemicals or animal by-products are utilized and no testing is ever done on animals. I picked up Gabriel Color Mascara yesterday at the Whole Foods in downtown Austin.

Urban Decay's Vegan Palette

Urban Decays Vegan Palette

4. Urban Decay Vegan Palette

I would really LOVE to have this palette from Urban Decay. It includes 6 Eyeshadows, a Eyeshadow Primer Potion and Eye Pencil. (Hint, Hint Mr. Walley) Image source.

Goji Vitamin Super Chews

Goji Vitamin Super Chews

5. Goji Vitamin Super Chews

Mark picked these up at Whole Foods yesterday also. They are delicious and contain lots of Vitamin C and B12. I was concerned when I read “glycerin” on the ingredients list, but when I checked their website I found the following:

Q: Are Goji Vitamin Super Chews vegetarian-friendly?
A: Yes! Our Goji Vitamin Super Chews do not contain gelatin or any other animal product whatsoever.

xo angie

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1 Response to Favorite Things: April

  1. Nick says:

    I just switched over to Shikai (Vanilla) because St. Ives changed their packaging from saying “No Animal Ingredients, No Animal Testing” to “No Animal Testing” (they added some gross insect thing) and I love it. Definitely worth the few extra bucks and it smells great.


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