Austin Review: The Vegan Yacht

Mark and I had a screening at Arthouse in Austin last Saturday night. After chatting a while on the rooftop with our friends Emily and Layne we decided to get some dinner together. The Vegan Yacht was on the top of my list after watching The Veg Edge last week. This awesome little food truck is owned by the most adorable vegan couple in Austin and is located at 1001 E 6th St Austin, inside a food truck neighborhood of sorts.

The Vegan Yacht
The Vegan Yacht at night

Their website states: Safe, Healthy, Fresh Vegan Dishes that anyone can enjoy. Close your eyes, point, then order. It will be tasty. I trust everything on the menu is delicious, but I asked co-owner Danielle Wood for her recommendation. She suggested the ‘Freeto’ Burrito and Mock Chick’n Sammie. Mark and I always ask for recommendations when we are indecisive, which only seems to happen at restaurants where we have more than two options. Austin is a haven for vegans in this respect. 

The Ladies at The Vegan Yacht
Layne and Emily joined us at at The Vegan Yacht

Layne also ordered the ‘Freeto’ Burrito and Emily ordered a Garden Chalupa. It was a beautiful night, a little chilly, and the atmosphere in the food truck compound was welcoming and comfortable.

Vegan Yacht: ‘Freeto’ Burrito
The Vegan Yacht’s ‘Freeto’ Burrito

Mark’s Burrito was pretty awesome. He should have gotten avocado in it also (as Danielle suggested), but it was hearty and tasty none the less. The apple slices where fresh and crisp.

Vegan Yacht's Mock Chick’n Mock Chick’n Sammie
The Vegan Yacht’s Mock Chick’n Sammie

From my post about Green, you may know I’m a sucker for sandwiches with lots of veggies and this sammie delivered. Although I’m not normally a fan of mock meats, I really loved this mock chicken sandwich. I also ordered Jerome’s Chocolate Banana Smoothie. It was more of a dessert shake, and really hit the spot. I have a big sweet tooth, and the combination of chocolate and banana is kind of my weakness.

Vegan Yacht's Jerome’s Chocolate Banana Smoothie
The Vegan Yacht’s Jerome’s Chocolate Banana Smoothie

We will totally visit The Vegan Yacht the next time we’re in Austin. I recommend you try it too!

xo angie

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