Austin Review: Vegan Soft Serve at Toy Joy

While in Austin for my Birthday two weekends ago, we made a stop at Toy Joy for some vegan soft serve.

Toy Joy's half lit sign urges us to try some vegan goodness
Toy Joy’s half-lit sign urges us to try some vegan goodness

As tempting as “Choco-Nana” sounded, we couldn’t resist trying the Cookies n’ Cream shake.

Vegan Soft Serve
Cookies n’ Cream Vegan Shake

I originally found out about this tasty Vegan Soft Serve on while looking for tattoo recommendations. Artist, Cook and Vegan Soft Serve creator Amelia Elodie Raley had postings about tattoo artists she personally recommended and info about Sweet Ritual, an ice cream parlor that will specialize in homemade dairy-free treats and desserts. Amelia and Valerie had a successful Kickstarter campaign and should be opening their doors later this year. Since 2008 Amelia has been serving the Austin community at a Cafe inside Toy Joy, but the success of her treats has grown to a size that requires their own facility.

Angela at Toy Joy
Enjoying my shake at Toy Joy

We’ll definitely have to check out Sweet Ritual when they are up and running. Looking forward to it!

xo angie

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5 Responses to Austin Review: Vegan Soft Serve at Toy Joy

  1. lazysmurf says:

    I am so excited for Sweet Ritual!


  2. Amelia says:

    Thanks for writing such a sweet post about my ice cream! Hopefully we will be opening our doors this summer!


  3. After a delay, we will be opening next week on 45th and Duval inside of Daily Juice!


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