Austin Review: Counter Culture

While chatting on the phone yesterday with my friend Jerry he mentioned a trip to Austin tomorrow for brunch with a friend. I asked where he planed to go and the response was something very un-vegan. Jerry is an ex-vegan, sadly. He was a volunteer at Food Not Bombs in Denver (Facebook), but somewhere between Denver and San Antonio he picked up meat again. I recommended he and his friend try Counter Culture since the brunch we had there during my Birthday weekend was very tasty.

Counter Culture Brunch
Counter Culture’s Hangover Brunch

It was a hangover brunch event that Daniela from had recommended to us at The Gathering of the Tribes. Counter Culture served Strawberry Cashew Creme Stuffed French Toast, topped with Fresh Strawberries and a side of Tempeh “Bacon”.

Counter Culture Brunch
Counter Culture’s Stuffed French Toast with Tempeh “Bacon”

It was really delicious. I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a big fan of mock meats, so the Tempeh’s smokey flavor didn’t go over well. I gave my portion to Mark, which he loved. The Stuffed French Toast was plenty, I did steal some extra strawberries from Mark. We like to share.

An open letter to Jeremiah Teutsch:

Hey buddy. I think you should come back over to the veggie side. I mean, you worked with Food Not Bombs for Christ’s sake. How punk rock is that? I think something in your life is missing and it’s your morality. Where did it go? Mark and I will totally support your transition back. We can go grocery shopping together, make dinners and maybe go “Joggin’ with Jerry” along the river. I’m sorry I’m not punk rock enough to make SA’s chapter of FNB cool, but I can at least try to make you cool again. Lub you!

xo angie

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3 Responses to Austin Review: Counter Culture

  1. Jeremiah Teutsch says:

    An Open Letter To Angie,
    I support you being a vegan and I’ll cook you vegan meals and vegan fishsticks, and eat them and enjoy it with gusto, whenever you want. But, I’m going to Frank’s BBQ tomorrow, and there’s nothing you can do about it! SO, you can jolly well stow it.
    I never said you weren’t cool enough to improve the FNB here in town. (did I? If I did, I certainly didn’t mean it. You cool, mamma, you cool.) No amount of coolness would improve it. And, starting a new chapter wouldn’t do anybody any good, because there isn’t enough interest, not enough political activism, and not enough of a homeless population willing to eat vegan food. AND I am already cool, so you can’t improve me, either.
    My morality didn’t go anywhere. I never had any to begin with. I was a vegan to stem my migraines, and was a vegan for no other reason. Well, maybe to fit in…
    I’ll make a deal with you: if you guys move to this side of town, and it doesn’t have to be in the compound either, I will reduce my meaty intake by HALF. I WILL STILL EAT EGGS. (The eggs I get are from happy little chickens from a farm whose mamma I know, and she takes very good care of her chicks, and all the eggs they lay are unfertilized and would go to waste if she didn’t collect them.) And I will still eat cheese (made from vegetable rennet, of course.)
    Sound like a deal? I will compromise, but I will not kowtow to your passive-aggressive open letters.
    I lub you too, Walleys. Thanks for trying.

    I remain, as ever, a constant,
    Jeremiah C. Teutsch


    • Jeremiah Teutsch says:

      Your blog is lovely, by the way…


    • My Dearest Jerbear,
      Thank you for responding to my post. I agree that we are both cool and understand your position on FNB. I appreciate your honesty about your former veganism and willingness to be compassionate about some of your food choices. I also appreciate how much you are willing to sacrifice to have us just a short bike ride away from you. We wish we could make this happen, but for now I’ll just have to add you giving up half of your meat-intake to our list of pros. Unfortunately the cons of moving to your side of town are many. Until then I will happily eat your vegan meals, maybe we should make one tomorrow! Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you will return often.

      Forever yours,
      Angela Walley


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