Local Review: Pizza Night at Green

Monday nights are Pizza nights at Green Vegetarian Restaurant. The hubby and I have been to many a Green Pizza Night and have always enjoyed them. It’s a great place to have a Monday night date.

Pizza Night at Green
Pizza Night at Green

A couple of Mondays ago Green offered an Artichoke Dip with Flatbread that was so delicious. We tend to spoil ourselves when we go to Green since there are few places that offer so many vegan options.

Vegan Artichoke Dip with Flatbreat
Vegan Artichoke Dip with Flatbreat

The pizza was so good we started eating it before I remembered to take a photo. We order it half with, half without the daiya vegan cheese. I actually prefer cheeseless pizza. We picked tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms and basil as our toppings. Yum.

Vegan Pizza
Vegan Pizza!

Near the end of the meal you are greeted with a tray of tasty cupcakes and cookies. They seem to have different varieties each time we’re there. We recommend them all!

Vegan Desserts
Green’s Vegan Dessert Selection

Hope you get to visit Green one Monday night soon!

xo angie

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