Vegan Crush: Jónsi & Alex

Jónsi & Alex
Jónsi & Alex, Raw Food Vegans

I have been vegetarian for over ten years. It was something that happened gradually, I just started eating less and less meat, I think my body was telling me to. I didn’t go vegetarian because of the animals, but the longer I have avoided meat, the more disgusted I am by what happens to them. When I look at meat, I see the animal it came from.

-Jónsi Birgisson, Interview from Viva! Activists

Jónsi is best known as the guitarist and vocalist for the Icelandic band Sigur Rós. He and his partner Alex Somers are Musicians, Visual Artists and Raw Food Chefs. They collaborated on The Good Heart Recipe Book, a beautiful homemade collection of fresh, simple and easy to make recipes. They even have a series of videos where they demonstrate how to make some of their favorite raw food recipes.

Jónsi & Alex, The Good Heart Recipe Book

Jonsi & Alex - Recipe Book

Jónsi & Alex, The Good Heart Recipe Book

Looking forward to trying these recipes myself!

xo angie

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