Vegan Chili Dogs

It’s summer here in Texas and we’ve been spending time poolside. The first weekend in May we celebrated my future brother-in-law’s graduation by throwing a vegan-friendly pool party. My sister Sarah made us (my six vegan family members and I) vegan hot dogs and fresh corn on the cob. So good! Then, we got together again last weekend with my parents for an impromptu poolside BBQ. We busted out the Smart Dogs again, but this time I brought a can of Amy’s Spicy Vegan Chili. It was then that summer officially started.

Deconstructed Chili Dog
A Deconstructed Vegan Chili Dog

Since we enjoyed our Chili Dogs so much by the pool, the hubby and I made them for lunch yesterday. I deconstructed mine so it was easier to eat. Mark on the other hand likes his Chili Dogs piled high.

The hubby's Vegan Chili Dog
The hubby’s Vegan Chili Dog

The best part is how low-fat the Smart Dogs are and that Amy’s Chili has zero cholesterol. You can also find the Chili in a Light in Sodium version. This is definitely a winning combination and the perfect alternative to the high-fat non-vegan Chili Dogs.

Vegan Chili Dog Ingredients
A delicious combination

xo angie

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