A Lovely Bridal Shower

My sister Sarah’s Wedding was this past Sunday (It was so beautiful!) and I realized I hadn’t shared moments from her bridal shower. My sister Nadia hosted at her beautiful new home, my mom decorated, Sarah put together the menu, I chopped veggies and the hubby took pictures.

Angela Walley
Me, being a good little helper!

Buffet and Vegan Muffins
Lunch Buffet and Banana Walnut Muffins

Everything served was vegetarian and vegan-freindly. It was a make-your-own-pita buffet with store-bought falafel balls and lots of fresh veggies. I skipped over the feta and helped myself to extra avocado and pearl couscous. My mom asked me to bake my famous banana walnut muffins (recipe here) and she purchased an adorable muffin rack to display them.

Hummus and Veggies
Hummus and Veggies for Falafel Sandwiches

Travis (my new brother!) sent over his homemade hummus for everyone. It was very tasty, you just can’t have a falafel sandwich without it. We also offered whole wheat and traditional pita bread. I was happy to see that everyone really enjoyed their meal. (I know I did!)

My plate, yum!

Serving any party buffet-style is a great idea, that way everyone has lots of options and can try new things. I loved that there was two vegan dessert options at the end of the meal. My only concern is how you tell everyone it’s vegan. It doesn’t need to be shouted from the rooftops, it’s not mandatory that all the non-vegan guests be quickly briefed on what vegan is if they’re just trying to eat some delicious cake.

Vegan Cake
Delicious Vegan Chocolate Cake from Mr. Natural in Austin

I guess I’m just sensitive about scaring people away when good food should bring people in. I simply want my friends and family to see that being a vegan isn’t extreme, and that I actually have more variety in my diet now than I did when I chose to eat animal products. Either way, everyone had a great time, shared some awesome food, played silly games and won some prizes.

Bridal Shower for Sarah
Sarah and some of the guests posing with our prizes!

Sarah & Travis are on their Honeymoon in San Francisco right now. I should call her and get her to explore a vegan restaurant or two for me!

xo angie

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