Dylan’s 3rd Birthday

Vegan Birthday Cake
Looks like someone forgot the Birthday candles.

Last Saturday my nephew Dylan turned three years old. He is the only grandson in my family and therefore is spoiled and loved to pieces. His parents (My sister Nadia and her husband Eugene) threw a party for him at their place, complete with a vegan pizza, a piñata and of course a vegan birthday cake.

Super Salad
My Sister’s Super Salad

This salad was crazy. Mango, avocados and grapes? Nadia knows the way to my heart. She also made her own salad dressing, which I need to get the recipe for (Hint, hint Nadia).

Vegan Pizza
Papa Murphy’s Vegan Pizza

It’s almost tradition now to get a Papa Murphy’s Take ‘n’ bake vegan pizza for family gatherings. All three pizza crust options are vegan-friendly as well as their Marinara and Herb Tomato Sauce. Then you can load up on all your favorite vegetables. Check out Papa Murphy’s Ingredients List and Allergen Info for more details.

Dylan with Dairy Free Ice cream
Dylan tries some Dairy Free Ice cream

We were treated to a Coconut Chocolate Cake from Mr. Natural and Purely Decadent’s Dairy Free Chocolate Ice cream. I love this Chocolate ice cream, it was even on my list of Favorite Things last year. It was such a sweet little birthday party, especially because this was the first birthday Dylan could blow out his candles all on his own.

We also screened a short video montage entitled Dylan: The First Three Years. We watched it twice and then cut the cake. I heard Dylan wander up to Nadia and say “Mamma D?”. She thought he was asking for Tea, but he was actually asking to watch the video again. He gave himself the nickname “D”, it’s adorable.

Well, I have to get back to editing photos. I can’t wait to share my sister Sarah’s beautiful Wedding with you. Also, 3 days till we leave for our week-long Hawaii vacation. I’ve got so much to do before then!

xo angie

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