Hawaiian Pizza

We leave for Hawaii tomorrow morning. There are so many things to do, but so far we’ve been very productive…okay, now it’s 2:30am and we’re still getting things together. I had planned on making a Hawaiian Pizza as part of a Bon Voyage Dinner with my mom, but we had some errands to run. I still plan on making it, along with a loaf of Banana Nut Bread to have as a morning surprise for her (and a travel snack for me). Doesn’t look like I’m going to sleep tonight, so time for some Hawaiian Pizza!

Me, at Whole Foods
Hanging out at Whole Foods

Whole Foods Vegan Pizza
Whole Foods Vegan Pizza

Okay, so there’s no ham substitute on this vegan pizza, but who needs ham when you have fresh pineapple? It was so good and it’s making me hungry. We’ve decided to sleep on the plane so time to bake! I hope to share lots from our week-long trip, as well as fun stuff we’ve packed into this last week.


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