International Cuisine in Waikiki

Between my brother-in-law’s Wedding Rehearsal and Wedding Day, Thursday and Friday were a bit busy for us in Hawaii. We spent Thursday before the rehearsal between the beach and Da Falafel King.

Veggie Angie Hawaii
I get some sun at Waikiki Beach

I raved about Da Falafel King in a previous post, so we of course went back for lunch and tried their hummus. I would skip the combo and go for a Falafel Sandwich and a plate of Pita Chips.

Veggie Angie Hawaii
Da Falafel King in front of the Waikiki Trade Center

Da Falafel King is also conveniently located right in front of a Honolulu bus stop at the Waikiki Trade Center, incase you’re out of walking distance. We made it a habit to take meals To Go throughout our vacation. It’s a nice treat to relax in bed with our Hotel’s complimentary water and bed trays.

Veggie Angie Hawaii
Da Falafel King Falafel Sandwich and Hummus

We really enjoyed walking up Kuhio Avenue to pick up lunch or dinner and going back “home” to enjoy it. It’s a convenience we rarely have in San Antonio since all our favorite restaurants are between a 15 to 30 minute drive. After lunch we went to Richard and Roberta’s Wedding Rehearsal at St. Augustine Church located near Kuhio Beach Park.

Veggie Angie Hawaii
The Wedding Rehearsal

The Rehearsal Dinner was provided by Roberta’s parents on the Pikake Terrace at our hotel the Sheraton Princess Kaiulani. It was an elaborate Seafood buffet where I essentially feasted on fresh pineapple and salad. I took one bad flash photo of a salad, which I will spare you from seeing.

Veggie Angie Hawaii
International Market Place Waikiki

Friday was the day of the Wedding, so we wanted to make a fresh, delicious start. We decided to stroll over to the International Marketplace on Kalakaua Avenue. Follow the signs back to the Food Court and you’ll find lots of local and independently owned restaurants. Some of them lack visible names, so we just took photos of them for reference. There were Vegetarian options at nearly all of the stands which ranged from Korean, Chinese and Mediterranean cuisines. There were also several stands offering Fresh Fruit Smoothies and Shave Ice.

I decided to get a smoothie since the prices at these stand were the most reasonable and I could watch them make it with their selection of fresh fruits. After asking what other ingredients were used to make the smoothie I declined the yogurt and asked for just fruit and ice.

Preparing my fresh fruit Smoothie

My smoothie was delicious and light, just what I needed. Mark’s favorite meal was discovered at this seemingly unnamed restaurant serving mainly Greek and some Chinese food.

Veggie Angie Hawaii
Restaurant at the International Market Place

From the tiny sign on the right and what I could find on the International Market Place website I believe this is restaurant is called Greek Grill. We didn’t try any Greek food, just this Chinese inspired HealthyTofu dish.

Veggie Angie Hawaii
HealthyTofu Special

This dish was well priced at $5.99 and plenty for the two of us to share. Mark loved it and we thought it was great to have zucchini and tomato included in the mix of vegetables.

After lunch we rushed back to the hotel to get ready for the Wedding. Everything about the Ceremony and Reception was beautiful and I hope to share a little video about it in the coming weeks. We’ve got lots to do!

xo angie

p.s. We arrived back home safely this morning, it whole trip was amazing and I have lots more to share!

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