Dinner with The Freys

Before we left for Hawaii our good friend Karl invited us over for dinner. We love going over to Karl’s, they always make delicious vegan-friendly meals and the two boys Vonn and Reuben are always thrilled to see us. The first 30 minutes of our visits usually include the boys just running around us excitedly and getting pulled into their bedrooms to see all their cool toys.

Karl was telling me that his cholesterol was a little high, not out of the normal range, but had gone up since his last doctors visit. He was planning on eating less meat and dairy to combat his heightened number, which I was of course excited to hear. He prepared fresh asparagus with mustard and yellow peppers, and potatoes with onion and fresh basil. His wife Frances was a vegetarian for most of her life and always has lots of recipes and ideas to share with me.

Before and after dinner we spent some time playing with Vonn and Rueben. Mark took some beautiful photos of them as Vonn shared some of his artwork with us. We had met Karl in college, he was our Art Instructor and the subject of one of our earlier films. We continued working with Karl on creative projects including another film, a Children’s Book entitled Animal Songs, and a band called Surreal McCoy. We’ve since become busy with other film projects and Karl is busy raising his family and teaching full-time (a dreams of his). We’ve had the privilege of seeing their two boys grow up and we hope to keep making time to have some dinner and of course, to play.

xo angie

p.s. Check out more photos on our Flickr page

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