Dinner with Friends

Two Saturdays ago my friends invited the hubby and I over for a dinner party. This is a group of friends I’ve had since I was in the 7th grade. We really go way back. It seems like the hubby and I are always busy, so it was nice to take the evening off to get together with them and just have a good time. I was in the middle of making Fresh Limeade when Mark appeared in Jeremy’s kitchen with a camera. Before I knew it, this happened:

veggie angie
Kitchen pose!

We’re kind of amazing at ridiculous poses for pictures. It’s something we’ve been doing since we were like 14. Mark didn’t even have to ask, we just instinctually posed like that.

Making vegan Limeade #veggieangie
Making vegan Limeade

Jeremy had nearly a dozen limes just sitting there, so I decided to make limeade. Fresh limes, cold water, and sugar. I recommend raw sugar, or agave as a sweetener. Read more about why refined sugar may not be considered vegan.

veggie angie
Squeeze out that juicy goodness!

For dinner I brought Tofu Salad Wraps, and Pumpkin Peanut Butter Walnut Cookies that everyone just about died over. Yes, cookies always make everything better. Get the recipe here. I just substituted pumpkin puree for the sweet potato puree. Jeremy even made some fantastic vegan-friendly spanish Rrice that paired well with my tofu salad wraps. After dinner and a hilarious board game, we went outside to play with glow sticks.

veggie angie

We quickly realized the amazing photo potential the glow sticks provided, and spent well over an hour outside taking pictures.

veggie angie

Thanks to my hubby Mark for taking so many awesome photos that night! I’m so glad I got to share delicious vegan food with my amazing friends!

xo angie

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2 Responses to Dinner with Friends

  1. Anna says:

    These photos are so much fun! I love glow stick pictures… sparklers too can provide maaany hours of entertainment, I don’t know what it is about them that’s so irresistible. The risk of burns? Maybe not. Glow sticks it is.


    • Apparently glow sticks are dangerous too! I quickly googled them to see what they were made of, and apparently they can be punctured easily and the toxic goo inside quickly finds it’s way to children’s eyeballs. It’s a scary world we live in! I just try to make the best of it. :)


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