Dinner with Jenn & Ryan

We visited our friends Jenn and Ryan for dinner the Saturday before last. Jenn had just celebrated her Birthday and was leaving for a trip to China. We wanted to see her before she left and we also owed them for the awesome dinner they made for us last time.

I shared our plans to make Pineapple Curry Fried Rice for Jenn and Ryan here. We had wanted to test the recipe before we brought it over, luckily it passed our test and they really enjoyed it! You can find the recipe on San Fransisco based blog Salt Bird.

Curry Fried Rice

Paper Crane

I just have to say again how much I love their home. The paper cranes on the table were just too cute. I remember learning how to make them for a short film we made back in 2008 and I still remember how. Ryan also shared a tasty dish of diced tofu, soy sauce, sesame oil, tomatoes, jalapeños, and green onions.

They were dog-sitting when we came by, isn’t Buddy cute? We also brought over a Strawberry Mango Crisp for dessert. We forgot to get a photo, but luckily we made it again for a dinner with our friends Emily and Layne last week. I’ll be sharing that soon, along with some of my Favorite Vegan things for summer. Thanks to Jenn and Ryan for a great evening, looking forward to doing it again when they both get back!

xo angie

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2 Responses to Dinner with Jenn & Ryan

  1. Anna says:

    That pineapple curry fried rice sounds to die for; I’m all over that. And I love the little paper cranes, I’ve never been able to make those! So jealous of people who can…


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