Grillin’ with the Family

Today my Dad came to stay with us. He has been on the beautiful Island of Curacao for the past few months, so it’s been great spending some time together. My nephew Dylan also came over after school, so we had a house full. Dad had mentioned a great little grill in the back of his truck, so we decided to grill some fresh asparagus and Gardein brand Chick’n Scallopini. I also made mashed potatoes and corn, it came out really well. Mark hopes to keep grilling veggies and such till he gets the hang of our new mini grill.

Vegan BBQ


Grandpa or “Pa-Paw” as Dylan calls him, took off on one of our bikes without putting on a helmet. Dylan recommends you ALWAYS wear a helmet when riding. Hope you had a wonderful Tuesdays!

xo angie

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