Tis The Season

We celebrated Christmas with our closest friends and family this year and it was so much fun. We gave and received lots of awesome gifts, feasted on and shared many delicious vegan meals, and enjoyed the company of those we care for the most. The first party was with our new friends Remy and Marisa. Marisa was leaving town for Christmas, so we threw a party on the 20th.

Our bestest buddy Jerry came by too, here he is tickling some ivory. On Christmas Day we celebrated with Mark’s family. We brought tamales from Delicious Tamales (I stood in the cold rain for them on Christmas Eve!) and Cookies. We spent the morning with Mark’s Parents, his older brother Richard, our Sister-in-Law Roberta and our nephew Jackson.

In the evening on Christmas Day we went over to our friend Karl’s house to spend time with him, his wife Frances and their two young sons Vonn and Reuben. We got Vonn a really awesome Pop-up book, here he is playing with it.

We got Reuben a foam Sword, which he knew exactly how to use.

We celebrated with my family on the day after Christmas. There were so many presents! My Mom got me the Vegan Stoner Cookbook and a Giftcard to LUSH. Dylan really loved the book we got him, That’s Why We Don’t Eat Animals.

The last gift opened was a surprise from my Brother-in-Law Eugene to my sister Nadia, a new Wedding Ring Set. They renewed their vows right there by the Christmas Tree. We cried a little bit and then took photos of the happy couple.

The classic Grandma and Dylan photo. We also brought Vegan Treats to our friend Emily on Christmas Eve, and to our friends Jenn and Ryan, and Remy on Christmas Day. It was all so wonderful. Now it’s time to plan our New Years Celebrations!

xo angie

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