Anniversary Picnic

Anniversary Picnic

The hubby and I biked over to our neighborhood park for a picnic in celebration of our eight year eleven month anniversary (yes, we celebrate every month).

Banana Nut Muffins

I packed banana muffins (recipe here), pb&j sandwiches, lime water, and fruit. The weather was absolutely beautiful and the loose friendly dogs were plentiful.

Our refreshing, tasty lime-flavored water soaks up some sun

Hungry Pup

Here’s an adorable puppy begging for some muffin, did I give in? Yes. Yes I did, could you really blame me? Look at those eyes!

My Helmet for Heath
The sticker on the back of my helmet is in honor of my young cousin Heath Eiland, learn more about Heath here.

Happy Anniversary to my love, each day is such a gift with you!

xo angie

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1 Response to Anniversary Picnic

  1. kirschplunder says:

    Aww. I love the idea of celebrating each month! Looks like such a beautiful day too :)



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