Houston Review: Tacos A Go-Go

Tacos A Go-Go under the Giant Carmen Miranda
Tacos A Go-Go under the Giant Carmen Miranda

Tacos A Go-Go Exterior
Tacos A Go-Go exterior

Mark and I traveled to Houston yesterday at 4am and returned home at midnight. It was a long, successful day of filming a new documentary at Rice Gallery. We were on a serious luck streak all day. First we got there right on time after a four hour drive from San Antonio through Houston traffic, then we got a free lunch, then we got triple free parking at Rice, the bank, and at Tacos A Go-Go.

Tacos A Go-Go Interior
Tacos A Go-Go’s inviting interior

Tacos A Go-Go Tamales
Tacos A Go-Go Tamale Plate

Tacos A Go-Go Tamales
Unwrapping my tamale

The food was delicious and cheap. They offer a variety of vegetarian items on their menu. Ask to confirm vegan options. We were taken to Tacos A Go-Go with the Rice Gallery crew on our last trip there for our film with artist Ana Serrano and we really loved it.

On our way home we nearly ran out of gas, it was 11pm our gauge was on empty and there was nothing in sight. I started panicking but before we knew it a Buc-ees appeared on the horizon. I picked up some Food Should Taste Good Jalapeño Chips and thanked our luck we weren’t stranded on the highway in the middle of night. We’ll have to plan for our trip back to Houston next week!

Tacos A Go-Go
3704 Main St
Houston, TX 77002

xo angie

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