Local Review: Saigon Express

Saigon Express: Vegetable Pho

Saigon Express: Vegetable Pho

Saigon Express: Broccoli Tofu

Saigon Express: Broccoli Tofu

Earlier this week we met up at the studio of friend and Photographer Mark Menjivar. We talked about projects Mark has been working on and were treated to lunch at nearby Vietnamese restaurant Saigon Express. I was happy to see they had a Vegetarian section in their menu. My husband tried the Vegetable Pho and I tried the Broccoli Tofu. In retrospect I should have tried their TVP Po Boy (hold the mayo), but that’s why there’s a reason to come back. This place was best described by our friend Mark as a popular hole in the wall. We ran into lots of familiar faces, so it’s obvious vegans, vegetarians and omnivores alike love this place. Thanks to Mark for letting me use his iPhone and for introducing us to Saigon Express!

Jennifer Connor's Motorbike in Vietnam. Photo by Jennifer Connor

Where will Jennifer's Motorbike take her next? Photo Credit: Jennifer Connor

In other Vietnam related news, my amazing friend Jennifer Connor recently recorded a short story about her trip to Vietnam. It’s called The Cave Story, and I’ll tell you right now you will be on the edge of your seat. Will her Motorbike fly off the edge of a cliff into Cat Ba Bay? Will she make it out of the cave alive? Did she just say “Cave Slave”?! Well, you’ll just have to listen to find out. Warning to parents listening with small children, explicit language is used to colorfully illustrate the story. Enjoy!

Vietnam: The Cave Story by Jennifer Connor

Saigon Express
1626 McCullough Ave
San Antonio, TX 78212

xo angie

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2 Responses to Local Review: Saigon Express

  1. Jen says:

    Vietnamese can Vietna-please! My tummy, that is!

    Great blog, Angie! You’re making me hungry..


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