Broccoli Chow-Mein

Broccoli Chow Mein

Chow Mein Package

Yesterday for lunch I found a package of Souper Chow-Mein in the back of our pantry and was happy to discover the noodles were accidentally vegan. The soup stock was in question since it contained white sugar and glucose, so I just tossed it. I prefer to add my own ingredients which included Curry Powder, Soy Sauce, Sesame Oil and Fresh Broccoli sautéed together in a wok. The Souper Chow-Mein found it’s way into our pantry as a gift from Mark’s parent’s house. There is always a bag of food for us that I quickly inspect for expiration dates and non-vegetarian ingredients before taking home. It’s very sweet of them to always offer us food and every now and then I’ll find something I really like.

Today we’re celebrating Mark’s Birthday with a few friends and there are still lots of things to do. Clean house, learn Weezer bass lines, pick up Delicious Tamales, and go grocery shopping for Gluten-Free Birthday Cake ingredients. Happy Early Birthday to my Hubby!

xo angie

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