Valentine’s Day Brunch in Bed

Brunch in Bed for me and my hubby
Brunch in bed for me and my hubby

Flaxseed French Toast with Tofurky Kielbasa
Flaxseed French Toast with Fruit,  Tofurky Kielbasa and Green Salsa

My Brunch Plate
My Brunch Plate

Letterpress by Marisa Finos with my Wedding Bouquet
Letterpress by Marisa Finos with my Dried Wedding Bouquet

Lola comes for leftovers
Lola comes by to check for leftovers

This Valentine’s was our 9th as a couple and our 2nd as a vegetarian couple. Mark became vegetarian on his 25th Birthday last year and has been an incredible supporter of my veganism. I always try to thank him by feeding him delicious food. I don’t eat analogue or fake meat products everyday, but occasionally we’ll pick up Tofurky Kielbasa for tacos or as the savory in our Sweet & Savory brunch. My Flaxseed French Toast was a big hit the first time I made it, so I thought it would be perfect way to start our Anniversary. Get my recipe here. Yesterday was a wonderful day, but brunch was just the beginning. I have more love and delicious vegan food to share tomorrow!

xo angie

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