Breakfast of Champions

Whole Wheat Toast, Fresh Fruit and Orange Juice
Whole Wheat Toast, Fresh Fruit and Orange Juice

My sister Sarah signed me up this week for a 5k run in late March. Mark and I started “training” on Tuesday and have been keeping up with eating healthfully and exercising. We rested yesterday to focus on film projects, but today I’m back on the (wet) road. This is the kind of food my body craves, fresh fruit and whole wheat bread. Yesterday for dinner I had a PB&J, bananas and an orange. Mark’s been eating lots of grapefruit since they have been on sale 6 for a $1 at HEB. I hope to get a new pair of running shoes this weekend and keep you guys updated on my progress. Happy Weekend!

xo angie

p.s. I’ve been buying up Kurt Vonnegut books like there’s no tomorrow, hence the inspired title.

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