Happy Late St. Patrick’s Day!

Hey. So, it’s been a while since I’ve posted. It’s funny how many things I had to share each day and then how suddenly, I felt like keeping things to myself.
Each day since has been filled with tasty vegan meals and little accomplishments (Say what, over 22 miles logged since 2/14!). I guess I just needed a little time off to enjoy time with my hubby, family, feline family and friends. Speaking of feline family, I’d like you to meet Pat, the newest member of our feline family.

Pat, the Cat
Pat, the Cat
Pat, the Cat

Pat was officially adopted on St. Patrick’s Day and since we weren’t sure if our new cat was a boy or girl, Pat seemed like a great name. We have a couple of friends who think Pat is a figment of our imagination, so here’s the proof! I got Pat a snazzy green color and the hubby took a few photos this afternoon. We had a great day, lunch with friends, getting near completion on a new video project for the San Antonio Museum of Art, and we’re planning a trip to Houston next week. I’ve got lots going on, and I think I’m ready to start sharing again.

xo angie

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