Vegan Goods at HEB

Vegan finds from my neighborhood HEB

Vegan finds from my neighborhood HEB

Lenny and Larry's Peanut Butter Cookie

Lenny and Larry’s Peanut Butter Cookie

San-J Wakame Soup and Tasty Bite Channa Masala

San-J Wakame Soup and Tasty Bite Channa Masala

Maya Kaimal's Madras Curry

Maya Kaimal’s Madras Curry

Patak's Vegetable Korma Meal

Patak’s Vegetable Korma Meal

Dan-D-Pak Sesame Crêpe

Dan-D-Pak Sesame Crêpe

Seitenbacher Cherry Dolphins

Seitenbacher Cherry Dolphins

HEB opened a brand new store next to its old store on Bandera and 1604. The original store was already my favorite because they carried a variety of frozen vegan goods and they also had a Healthy Living aisle, which carried bulk health foods and natural products such as JĀSÖN soaps and Tom’s of Maine Toothpaste. I was excited about the new H.E.B Plus, thinking it was going to offer even more options. When we visited this past week I had mixed feelings. There was definitely more store to look through, but the moment we entered I was slapped in the face with a giant chicken sign and more fried chicken than I care to see in a single day. Not a good start. As we wandered deeper into the store I was pleased to discover a larger Healthy Living aisle (two aisles, actually), and aisles carrying International foods from Asia, India and the Mediterranean.

Lenny and Larry’s Complete Cookies were on sale 2 for $4. We ate a Chocolate Chip Cookie on the way home, and I ate the Peanut Butter Cookie within 24 hours of its purchase. They were tasty and packed with protein. San-J Wakame Soup, Tasty Bite Channa Masala, and Maya Kaimal’s Madras Curry are sitting in my pantry waiting to be consumed. I’m having Patak’s Vegetable Korma Meal for lunch right now. The flavor is good, but it doesn’t look anything like the photo and is all the same soft texture. For dessert we’re snacking on Dan-D-Pak Sesame Crêpe, great texture and taste. Last night we had our buddies Remy and Marisa over for dinner and jams. At one point in the night while snacking on Seitenbacher Cherry Dolphins, we wrote a jingle of sorts that would be perfect for a commercial featuring the vegan gummi fruit snacks. It was pretty silly, but surprisingly catchy.

Have a great weekend,
xo angie

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