Happy Belated 4th Birthday Dylan!

Angie and Dylan

Angie and Dylan, 2011

Yesterday was my nephew Dylan’s 4th Birthday. It’s really hard to believe how big he is. I still remember the first day I held him in my hands. I found this photo last night while working on a new website for Mono Show, a comedic video series the hubby and I produce with some friends. The photo was taken a little over a year ago during filming for our first episode. We had to babysit Dylan an afternoon we’d also scheduled for filming, so we brought him along. He was a really good kid (he even helped!). I’m so happy to have Dylan in our lives. I don’t know if we’ll decide to have kids, but I’d be proud to have a son like him. Sending lots of love to Dylan, my sister Nadia and my Mom in Hawaii, hope you guys are having a wonderful trip. Happy Birthday D!

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xo angie

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