Summer Grillin’

Backyard Grilling Party with Marisa and Remy

Backyard Grilling Party with Marisa and Remy

Grilling up some sliced zucchini

Grilling up some sliced zucchini

Grilling sliced zucchini, green bell pepper, and red onion

Look at those grill marks!

Marisa tests Remy's concentration in a friendly game of darts

Marisa tests Remy’s concentration in a friendly game of darts

Outdoor Dart Board

Outdoor Dart Board

The hubby and I were having dinner at a nearby Chinese Restaurant yesterday evening when it was decided we would not be dining out again for the rest of the summer. Don’t get me wrong, we love going out for lunch or dinner. I pride myself in finding delicious vegan meals at almost any restaurant, but there are so many reasons to eat in. I could go into detail, but basically, it’s healthier, it’s cheaper, you know where the food came from (buy organic!), and the cooking time is more time spent together. Spending time together isn’t anything new, since we’re basically attached at the hip. It’s more about the quality of the time. We cook well together, so it’s fun to hang out in the kitchen making something delicious for each other to enjoy.

Another plus of cooking at home is hosting. We love having friends over, it gives us a good reason to clean up and make something good to eat. Last week our friends Remy and Marisa came by for dinner and a movie. Marisa is my little gluten-free gal, so we picked up some Southwestern Vegetarian Tamales from Delicious Tamales, and some fresh vegetables to cook up on our tiny single temperature grill. We had a great time cooking together and went for a late screening of The Lorax in 3D at Cinemark Dollar Movies. Good times with great friends!

Lovely Links

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– I edited these photos with Rad Lab, try it free for 30 days!

xo angie

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