Homemade Tamales

Last weekend my sister Sarah showed me how to roll homemade vegan tamales. Our eldest sister Nadia was throwing a Graduation party for our Brother-in-law Eugene, and she wanted to serve Sarah’s tamales with rice and beans, an excellent choice. Sarah’s homemade tamales are delicious, so I thought this could be a good learning experience.

Vegan Black Bean Tamales

Vegan Black Bean Tamales

Making tamales with Sarah Lee

Making tamales with Sarah Lee

Hand rolling Vegan Black Bean Tamales

Hand rolling Vegan Black Bean Tamales

It’s really easy, just roll out a ball of masa onto a corn husk. Spread evenly, then add a couple spoonfuls of refried black beans. Fold in half, roll together, and you’re done! Yummy tamales. I’ll have to get the recipe from Sarah to share here soon!

Today the hubby and I are visiting our good friends Karl and Frances, and their two sons Vonn and Reuben. We always enjoy time with their family, and are hoping to start making more time for family and friends. We recently discovered Mark’s uncle planted an incredible garden at Mark’s parents house, all the more reason to visit them too! Have a restful Sunday!

xo angie

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