Grillin’ & S’mores with The Frey Family

Yesterday Mark and I visited our friends Karl, Frances and their sons Vonn and Reuben. As always, we had a wonderful time and ate a delicious meal. Karl had suggested cooking out in the backyard, so we brought over some veggies to skewer along with ingredients for vegan s’mores. Karl and Mark created a few different sauces to try including soy sauce, mustard, and tomato based marinades.

Vegetarian Club together again!
Vegetarian Club, together again!

Marinade for vegetable skewers
Marinating our vegetable skewers

Soy Sauce Marinade
Homemade soy sauce-based marinade

Vonn and Angie "painting" vegetables with marinade
Vonn and I “painted” vegetables with a marinade

Marinated Vegetables ready for their skewers
Yummy vegetables ready for their skewers!

Vegetable Skewers on the Grill
Vegetable Skewers on the Grill

Karl marinates vegetable skewers on the grill
Karl adds more marinade on the grill

Reuben enjoys his Apple Juice Popsicle while Karl mans the grill
Reuben enjoys his Apple Juice Popsicle while Karl mans the grill

Vegan Marshmallows on the fire - Smore time!
Dandies Vegan Marshmallows over the fire – It’s s’more time!

Frances and Karl roasting their marshmallows
Frances and Karl roasting their vegan marshmallows

Yummy vegan marshmallows
Look at those marshmallows roast!

Best vegan Smores, ever!

Vegan S’mores

Organic Graham Crackers (no honey)
Dandies Brand Vegan Marshmallows
Endangered Species Vegan Chocolate Bars

Carefully roast your marshmallows over an open flame until browned and heated through. Break a graham cracker in half and assemble with the chocolate on the bottom, followed by the roasted marshmallows, and topped with the other graham cracker half. Enjoy!

Vegan S'more
My delicious vegan s’more!

The weather on Karl and France’s shaded deck was really nice, so we enjoyed dinner outside and cooked up some s’mores with the boys. It was our first time trying vegan marshmallows, and we just loved Dandies Air-Puffed Brand. Sitting out there reminded me of four years ago when we all made s’mores together. Vonn was just a toddler and Reuben hadn’t even been born. Watch the video below to see the fun times we shared then. We’re really lucky to have Karl and Frances as friends, they’re not only people we share dinner and good times with, but friends we can confide in, and get advice from. Karl started out as our Professor, but he’s always treated us as an equal. We’re looking forward to spending time with Karl this week while Frances and the boys are out of town, and more s’mores cookouts with the family when the weather cools this fall.

xo angie

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