The Engine 2 Diet 5-Meal Kit

In a previous post I shared the great experience we had with Greenling’s 5-Day Vegan Meal Kit. Kathryn over at Greenling enjoyed the post and contacted me about trying more of what Greenling has to offer. I’ve been a fan of The Engine 2 Diet since I was introduced to it by my eldest sister Nadia. Rip’s ability to reach a bigger audience through plant-strong nutrition has really opened my eyes to how veganism can be promoted through health and wellness. It’s great to see partnerships like Greenling and The Engine 2 Diet, so I was eager to try the plant-strong version of the 5-Day Meal Kit we enjoyed last month.

The Engine 2 Diet Nachos

The Engine 2 Diet Nachos

The Engine 2 Diet Pasta Primavera

The Engine 2 Diet Pasta Primavera

The Engine 2 Diet Shepherd's Pie

The Engine 2 Diet Shepherd’s Pie

My three favorite meals were the Nachos, Pasta Primavera, and Shepherd’s Pie. I enjoyed making my own nacho chips by cutting corn tortillas and baking them, and the hubby loved the salsa. The Pasta Primavera pictured above was made with spinach in place of the kale, but it was just a scrumptious. The Shepherd’s Pie made more than just two servings, so I shared with my Dad who really liked it. Homemade mashed potatoes are hard to beat. The meal kit also included two more delicious meals: Portobello Mushrooms and Mashed Potatoes with Seasonal Vegetables, and Cauliflower Soup. Thanks to Greenling and The Engine 2 Diet for making it easy to go plant-strong! Check out The Engine 2 Diet 5-Day Meal Kit #3!

xo angie

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