Happy Thanksgiving!

Veggie Angie Thanksgiving 2012 My Thanksgiving meal – so much to be thankful for!

My kitchen looks like it exploded. We were up late last night and early this morning cooking vegan dishes to bring to Mark’s family’s Thanksgiving. We just got home from Mark’s brother Richard’s house with our tummies full, and some leftovers for later. I got great feedback on my Pumpkin Oreo Cream Pie (details coming soon!), and feel like I had the best vegan Thanksgiving meal, ever. We made roasted vegetables with a peanut sriracha sauce (thanks for the recipe Chris!), rice with veggie sausage, toasted garlic potato bread rolls, and a Gardein Holiday Roast. Last year we bought Gardein Savory Stuffed Turk’y which had a crispy crust that I really missed this year. Whole Foods only had the Holiday Roast, which was good, but I didn’t care for the stuffing. It was a very nice Thanksgiving with Mark’s family including our adorable 4 year-old nephew Jackson. My sister-in-law Roberta is a professional photographer. She was showing me some photos she had taken of Jackson recently – oh my goodness, is he such a fashionable little model! They always have him dressed so well. Actually, Mark and Jackson matched today, with button up jean-collared shirts and sweaters. I’ll have to convince Roberta to share those photos here soon!

Time to rest before the next family get-together, plus we have dinner with friends downtown – oh my!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

xo angie

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  1. lazysmurf says:

    It looks like a great plate!


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