Love What You Do

Things have been going pretty amazing around here. We finally found a new car (that I love) to replace the one we lost in our accident last year. Mark and I have started renting the house I grew up in and have made it our home. (Still lots to do, but more on that later!) We have also been awarded film grants for a documentary film we’ll be working on throughout the rest of the year – Tia Chuck. Each day is filled with projects to do around the house, exciting film projects to work on, and somehow we always have time to hang out and relax together. 2013 has been good to us. This brings to me the title of today’s post – Love What You Do

Love What You Do Tattoo

Yesterday (Mark’s Birthday! More on that later too), I received Tattly Designy Temporary Tattoos’ Vegetable Set in the mail. It was on the top of my Holiday Wish List, and was so excited to get them. Along with the set came this Temporary Tattoo courtesy of MailChimp (our email newsletter manager of choice).

Love What You Do Tattoo

I just have to remember to make choices in my life that lead us to doing things that make us happy, which will lead to even greater things.

xo angie

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