Anniversary Party

Mark and I hosted our 10th Anniversary Valentine’s party this past weekend in our newly decorated home. We started renting the house I grew up in last month and have spent the last several weeks redecorating the space to make it our own. We invited some of our closest friends to celebrate with us and we had so much fun!

Mark, Vincent, Adriana and I
Valentine’s Photo Booth Fun with Vincent & Adriana!

Jenn and Ryan
Jenn & Ryan are so cute!

Angie and Ken Little
Ken Little is such a wonderful friend!

Sassy Jerry!
Oh, that’s my JerBear!

Chris and Rick
Chris and Rick, another awesome couple!

Vincent and Adriana
Talented and Adorable!

Sarah and Travis
Aw, my pregnant sister Sarah and her sweet husband Travis!

Silly Travis!
He looks like a cute little bug!

Vincent and Adriana Kiss!
So romantic!

Walley Anniversary Jam
Mark and I perform songs as Working Honeymoon

We played a concert of love songs with accompaniment by my brother-in-law Travis on drums, artist Vincent Valdez on trumpet, and lots of friends singing vocals on 80’s and 90’s hits. Our friend, artist and musician Ken Little, also played a couple of songs for us. It was way more successful of a jam than I could have anticipated! The whole party was a success. Our friends are such talented artists and amazing people. We’re so lucky to have met them all through our work in the art community. Happy Anniversary to my love!

xo angie

p.s. Thanks to Jenn for the images from our jam!

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