Vegan Dinner Party

We had a wonderful vegan dinner party with our friends Jenn, Ryan, Chris, Andrew, and Tim a couple weeks ago. Jenn and Ryan hosted in their lovely home and everyone brought something tasty to share. Jenn made Vegetable Paella, Chris and Andrew brought Soyrizo Brussel Sprouts (my new fav dish), and Mark and I brought these vegan gluten-free cupcakes with coconut milk whipped topping. We were taking care of Dylan that night, so we brought him along to join the fun.

Vegan Dinner Plate
Vegetable Paella with Soyrizo Brussel Sprouts

Vegan Dinner Party
Everyone Gathered Around the Table

Me and Dylan
Dylan and I, out of focus – still awesome

Dylan Martinez
Dylan looks so cute in this photo! (I did his hair)

Vegan Gluten-Free Cupcake
Mark’s new favorite dessert – Chocolate Gluten-Free Vegan Cupcakes with Coconut Milk Whipped Topping

Chris with a Vegan Cupcake
Love this photo of Chris trying a cupcake

Scooter, always cute and sweet

Jenn introduces Francis to Dylan
Jenn and Ryan’s new dog Francis gets introduced to Dylan

We all had a great time chattin’ and chewin’ the night away. Dylan was so well-behaved, he made me feel like a proud Aunt. Thanks to all our friends for an awesome time!

xo angie

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