My 27th Birthday Party Sneak Peek!

Chalk Birthday Sign by Mark

Birthday Center Piece

Birthday Center Piece

Birthday Flowers

New Cabinet

DIY Birthday Numbers

DIY Birthday Numbers

DIY Birthday Numbers

Birthday Photo Booth

Birthday Photo Booth Props

Birthday Brunch

Today is my 27th birthday! It’s been a great one so far and I’m looking forward to my party with my family in an hour (it’s wonderful being a daughter, sister, and aunt!). Earlier today I made birthday numbers for the front door, and we finished setting up our photo booth. I want to say how incredibly grateful I am to have such a wonderful hubby who has helped plan and set up my party. We ran around to a few different stores for decorations yesterday and he was so thoughtful about what we should get. I also thought it was really cute when he kept coming up with ideas. He’s a really good party planner! Our 10th Anniversary Party was super successful mainly because of all his great ideas (Live Karaoke Love Songs? Amazing.). Mark also made me french toast for brunch, which was so delicious. I had to stop myself from rushing into the kitchen to help at least five times, not because he isn’t plenty capable, but because I’m so used to us doing everything together. Good job honey, I’ll give you all the credit for a tasty birthday brunch. Well the house is cleaned and decorated, the jams are playing, and I’m ready to get my party on!

Can’t wait to share more soon!
xo angie

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