Basil Gnocchi with Pesto

In my first Veganized It! post I realized that I needed more baking supplies, so I visited World Market to see what I could find. Parchment paper, a Mini Bundt Cupcake Pan, and colorful fabric napkins were must haves, along with decorative cupcake liners, and this World Market brand Basil Gnocchi.

My World Market Loot
My World Market Loot

Zoe, letting me photograph him for once!
Zoe jumped up on the table and became mesmerized by my camera flash

Fresh Basil and Walnuts for Pesto
Fresh Basil and Walnuts for Pesto

Yummy Basil Gnocchi with Pesto
Yummy Basil Gnocchi with Pesto

I didn’t feel like having my gnocchi with marinara sauce, so I picked some fresh basil for homemade pesto. The hubby took over from there, so I can’t tell you the proportion of the ingredients, but here’s a list anyway.

Ingredients for Homemade Pesto:
Handful of basil, handful of walnuts, garlic, olive oil, soy milk, Italian seasoning, and salt to taste.

Like I’ve mentioned before, we don’t follow recipes that well. We just kind of go for it, and it usually tastes delicious. In case you need measurements and structure, here’s a great High Protein and Oil-Free Basil Pesto recipe on Oh She Glows.

Today we’re relaxing, doing some cleaning, and then we get to visit my baby niece Lillian and her parents Sarah & Travis for dinner. They have all missed us during the past week of crazy work and we’re looking forward to having dinner and catching up.

xo angie

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