A Visit with Lillian

After all the hard work we put into finishing a project last month, it was nice to take time to catch up with friends and family. I just posted about our visit with The Frey Family, now let’s spend some time with The Lee Family. The Lee Family consists of my elder sister Sarah, her husband Travis, and their adorable baby Lillian. Prepare yourself for some serious baby cuteness.

Baby Lillian right after a bath
Little Lillian right after her bath

When did this baby turn into a chick?
Should I let her know she’s dressed like a baby chick?

Mommy and Baby
Beautiful Momma and Baby

I'm there for here, but something tells me she's got this one
I’m there for her, but something tells me she’s got this one

Lillian and Aunt Angie
Lillian with her favorite Aunt Angie

Just hanging out
She knows she looks good, so she just tried to keep it real

One look into her eyes and you'll be saved
One look into her eyes and you’ll be saved

One of the best photos ever - Lillian with Mom's hair as a wig
Lillian looks fabulous with long flowing hair!

Hahaha, I love this last photo soooo much. We tried four times to put Sarah’s hair around Lillian’s face and take a photo, but they failed and she looked crazy. Then I had the idea of giving her bangs and bam! We got it. I love Lillian so much. That’s the thing about babies, they are made to be loved, and with a baby this sweet and cute it’s really easy to love her. Today I’m going to be editing a new film project for Rice Gallery and then I’m going to be cleaning and planning for a little Cinco de Mayo party tomorrow. It’s nice to be back to a regular schedule including sleeping, running, video editing, cooking, and cleaning. All those things are so important to us and it’s nice to have time for them all.

xo angie

p.s. Recipes for Delicious Stuffed Shells and Chocolate Chip Zucchini Cookies coming soon!

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