Dylan’s 5th Birthday Party

The Birthday Boy  | #veggieangie
The Birthday Boy

Dylan is ready for the Piñata  | #veggieangie
Dylan prepares for the Piñata

Angry Bird Piñata  | #veggieangie
Angry Birds Piñata time!

Grandpa with baby Lillian  | #veggieangie
Grandpa with my niece, baby Lillian

Grandpa with baby Lillian  | #veggieangie
What a cutie!

The Proud Parents  | #veggieangie
Dylan’s Parents Gene and Nadia

My sister Nadia and her husband Gene hosted their son Dylan’s 5th Birthday this past Sunday at their lovely home. There was cute kids, yummy snacks, and a vegan Thomas the Train Birthday Cake. Doesn’t get better than that. In the video below we sing to Dylan and cut into the awesome vegan cake!

Happy Birthday to my awesome Nephew Dylan!

xo angie

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