Mixed Berry Bread

Vegan Mixed Berry Bread  | #veggieangie

The hubby and I have been slowly catching up on film projects for a while. I finally feel like we can balance our work with free time spent exercising, cooking, and sprucing up our home. I’ve made major progress around here, painting walls, organizing, and hanging our art collection. I can’t wait to share soon! We’ve also found time to visit our local library. I discovered lots of awesome vegan cookbooks, some of which I plan on purchasing soon. My favorite recipe was this Blueberry Bread from the book Vegan Baking Classics by Kelly Rudnicki. I didn’t have orange zest or juice, so I substituted soy milk for the juice. I added a mix of frozen berries including blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries. It was like a yummy, moist cake bread. I gave some to our friend, artist Vincent Valdez (who loves my baked goods) when we went Cosmic Bowling together this weekend. I love sharing vegan treats so people can  see that vegan baking is awesome.

Vegan Mixed Berry Bread  | #veggieangie

Get the Recipe: Dairy, Egg and Nut Free Blueberry Bread by Food Allergy Momma

xo angie

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