Houston Review: Radical Eats

This week we visited Houston for a few days to work on a new short documentary film following street artist Gaia and his new installation at Rice University Art Gallery. Our first night in town we stayed with our friend artist Emily Link. I was super excited about hanging out with Emily and eating some good vegan grub.

Artist Emily Link at Radical Eats  | #veggieangie
Emily Link at Radical Eats’ new location

Emily informed me that Radical Eats had moved to a new location in Montrose and was now serving meat. I think I gasped in horror. I’ve shared the awesome food at Houston-based restaurant Radical Eats here before in my post Houston Road Trip, about the best road trip ever with our friends Remy and Marisa. The hubby and I have visited Radical Eats nearly every time we’re in Houston (sometimes twice!). I was really disappointed to hear they were no longer 100% vegan. We decided we still wanted to see their new location and had to find out what was on the menu.

Houston's Radical Eats Interior Courtesy of Radical Eat | #veggieangie
Radical Eats’ interior at their new location – Courtesy of Radical Eats Facebook Page

The new location is the exact opposite of the previous location. I completely understand why they needed to move – the old building was falling apart. It’s great that they had the opportunity to expand in size, but the new space is so big and fancy I felt almost like I didn’t belong there. Emily and I were used to a place in the Northside Village where the decor didn’t matter because the food was amazing. When we walked through the doors we literally stopped and didn’t want to come in. We decided to eat outside because the interior felt like it was designed for high-powered business types or foodie yuppies. The outdoor patio was nice and provided us some night air to prevent from hyperventilating.

Black Bean Burger at Radical Eats | #veggieangie
Black Bean Burger at Radical Eats

The new dinner menu had indicators next to each item – (v) for vegan and (c) for carnivore. First of all, people who have meat in their diets are considered omnivores. Unless their diet consists almost exclusively of meat. It reminds me of a childish remark someone would make against vegetarianism – “I can’t live without meat, I’m a CARNIVORE!”. Anyway, the menu didn’t just introduce meat as an option in Radical Eats’ signature dishes, it featured it in new menu items. Not only that, but two of my favorite vegan menu items were missing entirely – Bahn Mi Taco, Spinach and Corn Tamale where are you guys?! I was pretty bummed out, but I decided to try something new and get their Black Bean Burger. Overall, it as good. I wouldn’t order it again because I can get a black bean burger just like it anywhere. The fries were few and limp. Next up was Emily’s dinner – Verde Enchiladas with artichoke cream topped with tomatillo sauce, served with rice, beans, and pico de gallo.

Verde Enchiladas at Radial Eats | #veggieangie
Verde Enchiladas at Radial Eats

When Emily ordered her enchiladas the server asked if she would like to add chicken (!). I could never have imagined being asked such a question at Radical Eats. Despite being served in an adorable cast iron skillet, the enchiladas were too salty and lacked texture. I tried her rice, which I found both undercooked and bland. The beans were okay, but like the enchiladas – too salty. It seemed like Emily and I were left unsatisfied with our meals, but the hubby on the other hand, loved his Fried Avocado Taco.

Fried Avocado Taco at Radical Eats  | #veggieangie
Fried Avocado Taco at Radical Eats

Mark even thought his Fried Avocado Taco was better than the ones he had tried at the previous location. That taco does look delicious. I wish they still have the Bahn Mi Taco too. We’d never tried any desserts at Radical Eats, so we asked our server for some recommendations. He said the Ginger Beat Cupcake was very popular. I can see why! The cake was moist and the icing was light and very sweet.

Ginger Beet Cupcake at Radical Eats  | #veggieangie
Ginger Beet Cupcake at Radical Eats

We also ordered their vegan cinnamon roll, which I thought was very good. It reminded me of delicious cinnamon french toast and it was also big enough to share.

Vegan Cinnamon Roll at Radical Eats  | #veggieangie
Vegan Cinnamon Roll at Radical Eats

The Verdict: Overall I have to say that I probably won’t be visiting Radical Eats as often as we used to. Radical Eats was something very special when it was completely vegan. There are so few restaurants that have a menu where vegans can try anything and everything. It was nice to have had so many options when your diet is the minority. That no longer exists at Radical Eats. I’d still love to try their Sunday Brunch and at some point we’ll crave their tacos and tamales. It’s good to know they have yummy vegan dessert options and that their will be no issues finding parking or open tables at their new location. You should visit the new Radical Eats if you’ve never been and maybe even if you have. Vegan meal options at restaurants should always be supported, maybe they’ll even bring back some old menu items (at least the Bahn Mi Taco, come on!).

Radical Eats
507 Westheimer
Houston, Texas 77006

Tuesday – Saturday:
Lunch 11:00 am–2:00 pm
Dinner 5:00 pm-10:00 pm

Sunday Brunch (Family Style)
10:30 am – 2:30 pm

Visit www.RadicalEats.com

Special thanks to Emily and Ian for being a wonderful hosts, can’t wait to hang out again next time!

xo angie

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6 Responses to Houston Review: Radical Eats

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  2. mollyjade says:

    Whoa that decor is a huge change! Here’s hoping that the new atmosphere and menu will lead some people to satisfy their curiosity about vegan food. People who might have been put off by the atmosphere and meat-free menu at the old location.


    • That photo does come close to showing how different the new location is. The new restaurant space is huge! When I saw their Facebook updates I thought it was just a makeover to the old place, but it’s in a new neighborhood and space. It’s strange to think of people being “put off” by a restaurant not having meat on the menu. Even if that was the case, who cares!? Every other restaurant in the country has meat! Let there be a few exceptions!


  3. Staci says:

    Thank you so much for your feedback. We are still working out some of the glitches. Your comments are invaluable. BTW We are bringing back the Banh Mi taco and the Spinach and Corn Tamales never left the menu but I can’t guarantee that we weren’t out that night. Sorry.


    • Staci, thank you very much for your response! I’m very excited to hear the Banh Mi Taco and the Spinach and Corn Tamales are still on the menu. I want you to know that I still love Radical Eats and will continue to recommend it to friends and family. I’m sure you’re getting feedback similar to mine from loyal vegan customers. Take it as a compliment that I put my opinion out there. There are certain places that feel passionate about supporting and Radical Eats has been one of them.


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