Local Review: Thai Hot Restaurant

The hubby spotted our new favorite restaurant on a recent drive to visit his parents. He noticed a sign for Thai Hot located inside of the Culebra Crossing shopping center. We made a mental note and researched reviews of the restaurant online when we got home. There were only a couple short reviews on Urbanspoon at the time, but they were both very positive. (Now there are a few more – all positive!)

Thai Hot San Antonio| #veggieangie
Thai Hot Restaurant at Culebra Crossing

We visited Thai Hot for lunch the following week and we discovered a cozy, welcoming, family owned restaurant with a very friendly staff. We’ve visited many times since then and have always found the food and service outstanding. The location is convenient for us and I believe people are starting to notice this little gem.

Thai Hot's Vegetable Soup with Tofu | #veggieangie
Thai Hot Lunch Special: Vegetable Soup

We explained to our server (who is so sweet and seems to be the only server!) that we were vegetarian. Turns out the menu is already vegetarian-friendly since you can substitute tofu in any dish and they do not use fish sauce in their entrées. They have a different soup for each weekday lunch special, but you can substitute it for their vegetable soup. Sometimes the vegetable soup has noodles, tofu, or cucumber – it’s always delicious.

Thai Hot's Pad Garlic | #veggieangie
Thai Hot Lunch Special: Pad Garlic with Tofu

I realize now that these lunch specials look very similar, but they had distinctly different flavors and vegetables. The Pad Garlic was subtle both in the flavor of the garlic sauce and the medley of crunchy vegetables. The Pad Kapow (Basil) on the other hand, had a rich favor and an onion and pepper vegetable medley.

Thai Hot's Pad Kapow (Basil) | #veggieangie
Thai Hot Lunch Special: Pad Kapow (Basil) with Tofu

Mark normally orders his lunch with (vegetarian) fried rice, but I requested he order steamed white rice so his dish was vegan. He’s so supportive! The lunch special also comes with a vegetable spring roll, and a tea. Their sweet tea tastes like it’s been sweetened with coconut palm sugar, giving it a distinct flavor that is far superior to tea sweetened with white sugar. Other lunch special’s I highly recommend are the Red Curry, Green Curry, Thai Chili Paste with Green Beans, Pad Khing (Ginger), Pad Lemon Grass, and Pad Eggplant Basil. The curries come with soft tofu, which I love, but you could request fried tofu.

Thai Hot's Sticky Rice with Mango | #veggieangie
Sticky Rice with Mango

Mark loves getting the Sticky Rice with Mango for dessert. I shared just the mango the first time thinking the sticky rice was made with condensed milk. On our second visit I asked how they made the sticky rice and was told that they use coconut milk. I rejoiced. Their Sticky Rice with Mango is such a sweet, chewy treat and the mango is always perfectly ripened.

Each time we’ve returned to Thai Hot (and we’ve returned many times), we’ve found more guests. I hope the restaurant continues to receive lots of business, including yours :)

Thai Hot
8333 Culebra Rd #205
San Antonio, Texas 78251

Business Hours:
Monday – Friday: Lunch 11am – 3pm, Dinner 5pm – 10pm
Saturday and Sunday: 11am – 10pm

xo angie

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