Halloween Sneak Peek + Free Printables!

Halloween Decoration #veggieangie
Halloween Decorations – Let the party begin!

I’ve been getting very excited about decorating for Halloween recently. I started a few weeks ago by gathering inspirational photographs and recipes on Pinterest. I found several free printables to use which I’ve included here if you’d like to use them too! Like the cool wine label above? Download it here: Skeleton Elixir Wine Label from Elegance & Enchantment. I found the delicious Chocolate Cupcake recipe on A Beautiful Mess blog – it’s accidentally vegan! (I’ll be sharing more Halloween desserts in a future post!)

Halloween Book Cover - Free for Print #veggieangie
Halloween Potions & Poisons Book Cover

I collected all of my creepy books and added a few new ones with free Halloween Book covers. Download three unique spooky book covers here: Halloween Book Covers by Little House on the Corner.

Halloween Trick or Treat Chalkboard Door #veggieangie
Halloween Trick or Treat Chalkboard Door

I painted our entryway closet door with chalkboard paint earlier this year so the hubby and I could draw signs for parties and celebrations (See My 27th Birthday Sneak Peek). Then I saw this awesome print by Valerie McKeehan, which inspired me to be a little more ambitious and create my own temporary version of her beautiful artwork.

Halloween Decorations #veggieangie
Halloween Inspired Ladder Shelf

The hubby and I moved this ladder shelf into our dining room to have more space for food and party decor. It works perfectly for displaying art, decorations, and keeping snacks and drinks off the table so there is more room for our guests to sit and eat. I got the idea from a Halloween shoot on the Loralee Lewis Blog.

Free Vintage Apothecary Jar Labels #veggieangie
Vintage Apothecary Jars

I put together this collection of spooky Apothecary jars from bottles I found around the house. Download these cool labels here: Apothecary Jar Labels by Pen N’ Paperflowers.

Free Vintage Apothecary Jar Labels #veggieangie
Fermented Calamity Apothecary Jar

I hope you like these free printables and inspiration as much as I do! I’m a big fan of keeping the decor budget low so you can afford good party food and drink. Nearly everything photographed was found around my house. I’m lucky enough to have a Mother who has collected all kinds of cool stuff over the years – much of which I inherited when she moved in with her new husband. I’m talking about a huge storage bin of Halloween stuff that I’ve curated and used to decorate the entire house. I’m very resourceful.

Angela Walley Werewolf #veggieangie
Photo Book Sneak Peek – Me as a Werewolf!

The hubby and I also have lots of props of costume stuff we’ve collected over the years, which makes our Halloween Photo Booth extra awesome. More on that soon! For now, check out my Halloween inspiration on Pinterest. I plan to share lots more including our Costume Party Photo Booth, a Halloween Party Playlist, and a Spooky Vegan Dinner Menu! Have a Spooktacular Sunday!

xo angie

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